Do you want to add <25kg to your licence?

This course is for existing RePL or Controllers Certificate holders whom would like to fly MultiRotor aircraft with a take off weight of more than 7kg, but less than 25kg.

From June 1 2017 CASA made changes to the process in which to gain a RePL. This can now only be achieved if the training organisation has CASA approval to deliver the training. FPV Australia has such approval.

This course consists of theory components pertinent to flying a larger MultiRotor aircraft, and a practical flight demonstration a heavy machine. FPV Australia uses a DJI M600 Pro for this. You will need some experience already flying a larger MultiRotor.

Only a few hours is required for this conversion, as is conducted in the afternoon on our existing RePL courses around Australia.  Feel free to have a look on our course calendar and see if there is a course running near you that you can jump into.