PPL, CPL or ATPL and want to add RePL?

The Grounded Pilot Program is a condensed course aimed directly at Flight Crew Licence holders, looking to obtain a Remote Pilot’s Licence.

Under CASR Part 101, Flight Crew Licence holders are exempt from having to sit the aeronautical theory components of the RePL course.  However, we at FPV Australia believe there is still valuable content (drone related) that could benefit Flight Crew, so we have created a condensed version of our RePL course, and tayloyed it in such a way where it concentrates only on the content that would be of value, and does not drag the individual through content they already know.

The Grounded Pilot Program is run for pilots!

The Grounded Pilot Program is run with the pilot in mind, and allows the student to focus on only those subjects that are important to them.  The student is able to pick and choose the topics they wish to sit in on.  Choose only some, or all of them.  The choice is yours.

All during our course proper!

Grounded Pilots get to sit in our entire RePL course which will consist of the following

  • 3 days in the Virtual Classroom for theory (In real time with our instructor)
  • 1 to 2 days face to Face (Depending on experience) for Practical and Flight Testing
  • All courseware and drones provided
  • Various location around the country.
  • All Courseare and materials required.
  • Drones to fly for Prac sessions
  • CASA fees for licence endorsements
  • Fully customised set of operations manuals and procedures  for ReOC
  • Drone Safety Kit to get you started
  • Full consultancy to assist you through the process.

Grounded Pilot Program

Our Grounded Pilot Program runs on all of our Remote Pilots Licence training, and you can find all of those dates by clicking the button below.

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