Here at FPV Australia we not only care about the level of education we deliver to our clients, but also the way in which it is delivered.  We want you to have the best experience possible, from start to finish.  This is why we now offer our Complete Certification Package (CCP).  This package will take you right through the certification maze, and have you come out the other side, not only with the best training you can find, but also with the best experience, and the least amount of pain and anguish.  What we have found from our clients is that they want a smooth pathway to certification, so here it is.

How does it work?  Easy…

Stage 1 – Training.

When you sign up for our CCP, we will get you booked into one of our training courses where you will get what we believe to the best training in the business.  You will be provided with all the materials you need to train including manuals, aircraft, lunch etc etc.  You don’t even need to bring a pen.  We will supply that too!  🙂


Stage 2 – Operations Manual Suite

We create you a full manual suite for your organisation.  These manuals are necessary and need to be processed and sent to CASA for the issue of the ReOC.   Included in these manuals will be a fully customised Operations Manual, including all the data that relates your organisation, and a fully customised Operations Library, again, all setup to meet your needs.


Stage 3 – Compliance Software AVCRM (12 months included)

When we create your manuals, we will do so incorporating the impressive AVCRM software suite for the first 12 months free.  This software, we believe, is paramount to maintaining a safe, compliant operation.  We believe in this software so much, we will give you the first year free, valued at over $500.  We will get this all setup for you, and assist to get your started.


Stage 4 – ReOC Assessment (The Final Step)

Once all of the above is done FVP Australia will arrange to have your ReOC processed.  Under the rules set out by CASA, we can’t process this ReOC, so we will arrange for our trusted CASA Delegate to process your ReOC for you. We will assist you in getting the application organised, and they will contact you to arrange a time for your Chief Pilot assessment etc.  Our Chief Instructor (John Fleming) will be your mentor throughout this process to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to kickstart your operations successfully.  We will then put you in touch with insurance providers to get you all zipped up and ready to run!


No mess, no fuss!

This package enables you to continue to concentrate on what you do best, and let us do what we do best.  Let us take the stress out of getting you started in this awesome industry we love so much.  $4680 gets you the entire package, and saves you over $500 if you did it all separately – not to mention, no mess, no fuss.  We take care of it all for you.

If you have any questions about this all works, please feel free to contact us anytime by phone or email.  We are always happy to assist.

This package is available on any of training courses scattered nation wide.