Looking to get into mapping?

This course is designed to get you all the info you need to move into mapping and 3D image capturing with our resident mapping guru, Jerry.  Jerry will take you through the ins and outs of mapping and 3D imagery with your drone.

By the end of the day you will have a comprehensive understanding of

  • –  Best practices for both camera and drone during a capture process that’s specific to mapping.
  • –  How to use autonomous flight in the context of mapping, and the various software packages available to achieve     that.
  • – Considerations when using sensors beyond RGB: Multi-spectral, Hyper-spectral and Thermal.
  • – Post -processing and delivering a straightforward 2D map to your client.
  • – How to process and deliver in 3D, particularly to non-IT clients.
  • – How and why the free QGIS package opens up a world of professional opportunity.
  • – How to make yourself look like a professional genius by incorporating free global datasets into your client-delivery.

Such an engaging and worthwhile training course.

Cannot thank FPV and Jerry for such an engaging and worthwhile training course. For the first time in a long time, I commented that I was enjoying a course and learning new things. When are you releasing Mapping 2.0, please?

Joh Paynter

Very Informative

Most useful/enjoyable: current information & links. the information was easy to follow, relatable & the final takeaway product seems achievable for me (when i get the opportunity to give it a test run). The Trainer was engaging, encouraged participation & questions. other students contributed useful information. Thank you Jerry, i found it very informative & cannot wait to give the process a go. i will definitely give you a call if i get stuck.  

Leigh Munro

Mapping Courses

The courses listed are for a full day with our mapping guru Jerry.

  • 19 April 2024

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The total cost of the course is $449 for the day with Jerry

The course runs over 1 day in our Virtual Classroom.

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