XAG Above 25kg Manufacturer Training (Medium RPA)

FPV Australia has partnered with XAG Australia to deliver XAG Manufacturer training, and CASA Certifications nationwide. As FPV Australia is the only XAG Endorsed Training provider, you know you are getting first hand training and information, direct from the Manufacturer.

Recently CASA released regulation that allowed FPV Australia to apply to be able to endorse individuals on medium class RPA. (above 25kg)

FPV Australia can now offer you Manufacturer Training on aircraft including XAG P30, V40 and P100, and the recently released P100 Pro, with CASA certification added to your RePL upon completion.

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Some info on XAG training

CASA requires anyone flying a drone weighing more than 25kg to have an RePL, and then a “type endorsement” for any machine that weighs more than 25kg, added to their RePL.  This training will give you that type endorsement.

Yes!  Even if you are going to operate over your own land, CASA require you to have a Remote Pilots Licence (RePL) with the Type Endorsement for the particular machine you wish to operate.  You may not need the Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC), but you will need the RePL with Type Endorsements.

For example.  If you want to operate an XAG P100.  Then you will need an RePL with the P100 Type Endorsement as a minimum.

If you already have an RePL, the cost of this course is $2490.

If you don’t have an RePL, we can arrange for you to sit our RePL course prior (addition costs incurred)


Wagga Wagga


Airlie Beach



If need be, FPV Australia will arrange a suitable location around Australia to conduct the training.

Contact us for specific information on your location.

The course will run for 3 days in person.  There is some pre-study that you will need to (reading manuals etc) and then you will need to attend the training sessions for the 3 days to complete, with a flight test at the end.

If you attend our Sydney training centre, then no!  We will provide all of the aircraft for you.  If you would like us to come to you to train, please contact us to discuss arrangements.  We can travel to anywhere in Australia to train.

The XAG Manufacturer Training course we have developed is designed to take you through the knowing very little about the aircraft, right through to having a good understand of how it works, and how to operate safely.

Here is some of what you will be taught.

How to use all of the equipment, and how to use the software appropriately to operate the drone in a safe and legal manner.

How to do basic maintenance on your drones, to ensure you get the best out them, and keep the running.

Recording requirements under the Part101 Manual of Standards

Regulatory Requirements for operation of  Medium class RPA.

Yes, of course.  FPV Australia will facilitate all of the paperwork for you and submit to CASA on your behalf.  We will also pay the fees to CASA directly.

XAG Training Days

The courses listed are for 3 days of training in Sydney in order to achieve endorsements on Medium Category XAG drones, such as the XAG V40 and the XAG P100 and P100 Pro. All CASA endorsements are included at the end of the training.

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