Drone Sense – Educate Yourself!

Welcome to FPV Australia’s Drone Sense.  At FPV Australia we are dedicated to delivering quality training and education within the drone industry, and as such, we are offering a series of free online training/educational videos for anyone wanting to get started in the drone industry – Yes – they are absolutely free!

These videos are aimed directly at those that want to learn what is involved to get started in the drone industry.  We will take you right through all of the information you will need to know to get started.  It does not matter if you want to fly recreational, sub2k commercial, or operate as a full blown certified remote pilot, these videos will offer you a whole bunch of valuable information, and what’s better, they are absolutely free!  So grab a comfy chair, and let’s get started.

We have also setup a Facebook page for people to get involved and discuss all things drone related.  This can be found at https://www.facebook.com/fpvausdronesense/  Come and join in the chat!

Episode 1.

Episode 2 – What is a Drone?

Episode 3 – Hello Mr Newton!

Episode 4 – Let’s talk LiPo Safety

Episode 5 – Let’s talk Airspace!

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