Mission Statement

To deliver quality training at a level unrivalled by our competition!

Our team is headed up by our Chief Instructor and CEO, John Fleming.  A manned aircraft pilot himself, John’s passion for safety is unwavering.

If you are looking to become certified in the RPAS industry, FPV Australia has the skills and experience to ensure you get off to a good start.

Who are we?

FPV Australia, along with Mongrel Gear was started in 2006 by John Fleming when his love for all things RC lead to a business idea that soon became something more.  After being self employed in the IT industry for more than 22 years, John put his business skills to use in this new business venture, and it wasn’t long before Mongrel Gear and FPV Australia were thriving.

In 2008 Mongrel Gear began building custom built multirotors and was shipping them all over the world – even to the North Pole.  With the explosion of the multirotor industry, and the arrival of companies like DJI, the demand for custom built copters began to grow rapidly, and Mongrel Gear would cement itself as a forerunner in this new and cutting edge industry.

In 2013 Mongrel Gear was officially recognised by CASA to provide Manufacturer-Type training for multirotors, and in 2014 some 7 years after the business started, Mongrel Gear took its skills and industry knowledge and began working on a training program to allow pilots to obtain certification from CASA to fly their multirotors commercially.

With a lot of hard work, and in close consultation with CASA, in August of 2014, FPV Australia was officially recognised as a CASA Approved Training Organisation, and went to work opening its first flight school in Gungahlin, ACT – the first of its type in the country, and now has branched out, running courses in every state in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our students have gone on to achieve great things.  Many are now well established in the industry, either working for themselves, or for large operators.

Here at FPV Australia, we currently still hold a zero accident rate.  We are passionate and unwavering when it comes to drone safety.

From engagement to delivery, we commit ourselves to ensuring all of our students received the best education experience we can deliver

We will not compromise on the quality of service we deliver.  We believe we offer the best after course support in the country

All of our instructors are very experienced, capable aviators.  Some of which hold the highest aviation endorsements available.  Our Chief Instructor, also an aviator, is also a qualified educator.

We are so confident on our products and services, we guarantee it!

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