So, we have been asked a lot about who it is that actually works for us here, so we thought we would provide some information on our staff.


Chief Pilot, Chief RPAS Instructor, Maintenance Office, CEO

John Fleming comes from a long established career in the drone industry and heads this experienced team as the Chief Instructor and CEO.  John left a 22 year career in IT, after running a very successful IT consultancy firm until 2006 when he launched Mongrel Gear Australia. Mongrel Gear started importing a range of drone related equipment, and began manufacturing custom built drones, sold worldwide.  In 2014 John put together a course to train individuals on the use and legal requirements for flying multirotor aircraft commercially in Australia, and gained CASA approval to deliver this course in September of 2014.  Somewhat a pioneer in this Australian drone industry, John continues to push forward as an advocate for drone safety.  A manned aircraft pilot himself, John’s passion for safety is unwavering.  John is also endorsed to both asses and deliver English Language Proficiency and deliver Radio Operator’s Certification on behalf of CASA.


RPAS Instructor

Jason Wuttke brings a wealth of experience to the team, and is a welcomed addition to our instructor base.  Jason not only is an instructor, but also builds custom drone solutions, such as our fixed wing agricultural drones.  Jason specialises in the agriculture side of the industry, where he has experience with multispectral solutions for vegetation monitoring.

RPAS Instructor

John is our northern regions instructor and comes to us with many years of training experience.  As a certified instructor, John now brings these skills to the table, along with this drone experience to deliver our training packages at the standard you have come to expect from FPV Australia.  John also has a great deal of experience training our indigenous students.  We are very pleased to have John on the team.


RPAS Instructor

Richard is a manned helicopter pilot (we won’t hold that against him) and very experienced drone pilot and instructor.  Richard’s experience in asset inspection with drones brings a wealth of knowledge of drone operations within urban environments.

RPAS Instructor

Wilson has extensive experience in retail sector of the drone industry, and brings with him his wealth of knowledge of all the ins and outs of drone sales and service.  With experience with a ridiculous amount of different manufacturers and providers, Wilson can talk more than just DJI.

RPAS Instructor

Bruce is another that comes to FPV Australia from the retail side of the industry. Bruce is an experienced drone pilot with many many years of RC related experienced.  That teamed with his extensive knowledge of drone sales, service and components puts Bruce in a position where not only can he teach all about drones, but can talk shop on a myriad of drone related equipment.

Education & Training Manager

Chantal is our Education & Training Manager and is responsible for the day to day running of the behind the scenes work for FPV Australia.  As a business owner for more than 20 years, Chantal brings a wealth of management, event management and public relations skills to the organisation.  Having previous experience within the likes of the Australian Government, Standards Australia and some of the larger corporate giants.  Chantal is the friendly voice at the end of the phone (and email), but don’t be fooled, she has a wealth of knowledge in the drone industry, and waves a big stick with our staff.

Document Control & Client Support

Kim looks after our clients in a nurturing mother-like way, assisting with ReOC applications and document management, and hands out the discipline to the rest of us when appropriate.  Kim is our document control officer, ensuring client documentation is in order in accordance with compliance requirements etc.  Kim is also instructor rated on Microsoft products, which comes in very handy for the rest of us. Kim is also heavily involved in our drone sales and service arm (Mongrel Gear Australia) looking after stock, sales and service of all things drones.  If you break it, she can fix it!

Business Development and Marketing

Garry is in charge of business development and is our marketing guru.  We allow Garry to get creative, and his artistic flair is allowed to shine.  He is responsible for our social media presence, managing our social media accounts, and liaising with new business partners. Next time you are on our Facebook page,  give him a yell.