In early 2017, FPV Australia expanded its operations into Asia and established an office in Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong.  As one of Australia’s leading and longest running RPAS certification providers, FPV Australia is now providing RPAS training and consultancy services to its ever growing Hong Kong based clients.

We now offer fully ICAO compliant RPAS training that can be customised to meet each individual client’s needs. We have staff permanently located in Hong Kong to assist local clients and organisations to gain a full understanding of drone safety, and CAD (Chinese Aviation Departments) and Australian RPAS certification and requirements.




We have established professional, well equiped classroom facilities within Hong Kong, and locations where we put clients through practical training and flight safety exercises.  Our staff in Hong Kong have been associated with drones and related equipment for many years, and bring a wealth of experience to our team. This means we can not only deliver our signature high level training packages, but can do so with quality, local, experienced trainers that understand the unique requirements for our Hong Kong clients.

Our Hong Kong course content is aligned to that of our certified Australian based training, and in fact, qualifies the individual for an Australian RePL Certification.

The course includes a full 5 days of training by quality, certified trainers, including our Chief Instructor, John Fleming.

The course will consist of both theory and practical study and you will be required to pass a theory exam and a practical flight demonstration.

All training material will be provided, along with the training aircraft.

The course covers such topics as;

  • Meteorology
  • Aviation Language
  • Threat and Error Management
  • Risk Management Principles
  • Map Reading & Direction
  • Air Legislation, Meteorology
  • Principles of Flight and practical sessions on an aircraft itself
  • Lipo batteries
  • Ground Station and Telemetry equipment
  • Pre and post flight checklists
  • Ground crew operations and relevant procedures
  • Night Operations
  • 15m reduction procedures
  • and more.

We will provide each student with a Student Information Pack upon enrolment with details on the course etc.

If you are looking for RPAS Certification based in Hong Kong, FPV Australia can assist you with your enquiries.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

FPV Australia (Hong Kong) is fully authorised to operate and train in Hong Kong.