DJI Agras T30 and T40  Endorsements (Medium RPA)

If you are looking to fly a DJI T30 or T40 Agras drone, then you will need to obtain the Endorsement on your RePL.  This is because the DJI T30  and T40 weigh more than 25kg.

CASA recently introduced new regulations that allow FPV Australia to conduct these endorsements, without the need to go directly to CASA.

See the details below.

Some info on DJI Agras T30 & T40 Endorsements

CASA requires anyone flying a drone weighing more than 25kg to have an RePL, and then a “type endorsement” for any machine that weighs more than 25kg, added to their RePL.  This training will give you that type endorsement.

Yes!  Even if you are going to operate over your own land, CASA require you to have a Remote Pilots Licence (RePL) with the Type Endorsement for the particular machine you wish to operate.  You may not need the Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC), but you will need the RePL with Type Endorsements.

For example.  If you want to operate a DJI T40 (even over your own land) then you will need an RePL with the DJI T40 Type Endorsement as a minimum.  If you want to fly the DJI T40 for other customers, you will also need an ReOC with the DJI T40 added to it.

You must hold an RePL in order to sit this endorsement.  If you already have an RePL, the cost of this endorsement is $1750 and includes a full day of training.  If you only need the flight test, please contact us for pricing.

If you don’t have an RePL, we can arrange for you to sit our RePL course prior (addition costs incurred)

YES!  You must hold a Multirotor <25kg (unrestricted) licence in order to complete.  If you only have <7kg, you will need an upgrade.

We can offer you this as part of the training.

This will very much depend on how well you know your DJI Product.  If you have already been flying DJI product (and the Agras), then the endorsement should only take a couple of hours.

We would recommend you already have experience (practice) flying a DJI drone.  This is so you will already have good grasp of the ecosystem, and had practice on the DJI T40.  If you would like specific training on the DJI T40, this can be arranged (additional costs incurred).

The DJI Agras endorsement requires a large open space.  Ideally you will have somewhere already to host the training.

We have instructors in the following locations and surrounding areas, but can also travel to your location if you are not close to the below.


Wagga Wagga


Airlie Beach



If need be, FPV Australia will arrange a suitable location around Australia to conduct the training.

You will be required to demonstrate your ability to fly a DJI Agras RPA with skill and agility. You will also need to have a good understanding of the software, and how to program automated flight.

You will also need a fundamental understanding of the regulations surrounding flying above 25kg machines (training material will be supplied to you) in order to pass the flight test.

Should you require intensive DJI Agras specific training, this can be provided (additional Costs incurred).

Yes, of course.  FPV Australia will facilitate all of the paperwork for you and submit to CASA on your behalf.  We will also pay the fees to CASA directly.

FPV Australia will conduct the endorsement, and process with CASA on the same day.

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