So today we are launching our Student Spotlight series, where we look back at some of our past students, and shine a spotlight on their success and what they have gone on to do in this industry we love.

First up, Jun Bastoni. Jun is the creator of Air Time Productions, and trained with us way back in June of 2015. Jun has since gone on to do some pretty cool things. We recently had a chat to find out exactly what he has been doing, and well, we are so very excited!

Recently Jun joined up with Rubik’s cube and is now travelling the world filming their championships, where he will soon head to Russia! How cool is that!!!

Jun also worked on an Apple production called Luna Series, and a Netflix gig called Earth at Night. He headed off to Spain a little while ago for a Channel 9 production, completed season one of the Stan flick called Bloom, and has now signed on for season two. We caught up with him not long ago travelling with PukaUp filming the ride for suicide prevention and awareness.

We are so very excited to see what Jun has achieved. He is a living, breathing example of how hard work can bring you success. We would like to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on Jun and Airtime Productions as an Aussie success story, and as he is one of our students, we are very proud of him.

To see more about Jun, please follow the link to his Facebook page –

Well done Jun – Go Forth and Multifly!