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Training was at my learning pace

Sub 25KG Training
What a beast to be able to fly and to have a quality instructor to watch over you, you know that you have the best beginning to undertake sub 25kg drone operations.  The sheer size of the unit, the number of batteries and size of the props makes it clear that this is a unit that can cause serious damage if it goes wrong, but John's commitment to his students and the industry ensures you know what you are doing, and why you are doing it before he signed off.  My morning started with plenty of phantom flights, just so John knew I could still fly before the Matrice even came out.
The actually training was at my learning pace, clear instructions were provided and tips on how to improve my control of the unit were offered throughout the session.    I believe that, thanks to this training, I have an excellent knowledge on how to fly the larger drones and the responsibility that goes with it.

Jo Paynter

Such an engaging and worthwhile training course.

Cannot thank FPV and Jerry for such an engaging and worthwhile training course. For the first time in a long time, I commented that I was enjoying a course and learning new things. When are you releasing Mapping 2.0, please?

Joh Paynter

Very Informative

Most useful/enjoyable: current information & links. the information was easy to follow, relatable & the final takeaway product seems achievable for me (when i get the opportunity to give it a test run). The Trainer was engaging, encouraged participation & questions. other students contributed useful information. Thank you Jerry, i found it very informative & cannot wait to give the process a go. i will definitely give you a call if i get stuck.  

Leigh Munro

Quality of FPV Educational Resources

Just thought I would let you know, I have spent the weekend looking in-depth at the educational resources you provided me and in short, they are superb! I have viewed many teaching programs and resources over 35 years of teaching, and what you have developed would easily rank amongst the best of them. Well done!

Phil Ryrie

Great course!

Just wanted to thank you for the last couple of days. I really enjoyed both the theory exam and practical exam, which is a testament to your passion for the industry and professionalism. Rather than it being a stressful process, I learnt a lot and found it confidence building. My thanks to Angie as well, who was a delight throughout the day.

Greg Barger

Enjoyed the course

Thank you for ensuring I was provided with the expert knowledge, guidance and mentoring that enabled me to not only gain the qualifications I wanted but provided me with ongoing support to ensure that I can make the most of it going forward.

Brian Hughes

Simply Awesome

Please keep up the GREAT WORK!!! I am extremely happy and satisfied with the professionalism of FPV. From my ReOC to the sub 25kg licence update, everything was always handled beautifully and professionally. I’ve been around the aviation industry for more than half of my (long) life and that includes flying professionally on few different countries. I can put the hand on my heart and say FPV is second to bloody none! Awesome work John, I wish you all the best mate!

Alex Laugeni

Instructors were friendly and very professional making the course an enjoyable experience.

Leif Abraham

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