Here at FPV Australia we worked really hard with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to be able to offer our students the AROC certification within our RPAS Courses.  That said, it also means we can offer it to individuals that want the AROC certification, but are not actually sitting on our course proper.

Our Chief Instructor, John Fleming, is fully certified to deliver both AROC training (approved under CASR 64.012) and the necessary English Language Proficiency Assessment, gaining CASA certification to conduct ELP assessments under instrument CASA EX146/15.

What does all that mean?  It means that FPV Australia is officially recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority to deliver these components.

So, let’s answer some common questions.

What exactly is an AROC?

AROC is short for Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate.  It is the certification that at a person will need in order to transmit on an airband radio in Australia.

Why do I need an AROC

Need?  Well that will depend on what type of operations you plan on doing with your drone.  In certain circumstances it will be a requirement.  If you hold a Remote Pilot’s Licence (or Controller’s Certificate) then we would recommend you obtain AROC certification and utilise the very powerful tool that is an airband radio.

How much does it cost?

We delivery the AROC as part of our RePL course FREE!

However, if you are not sitting on one of our courses, and you would still like to gain AROC, then our course is $425 inc GST.  Call us on 1300 378 287 to secure your spot.

If I get an AROC, does that cover everyone in my business?

No!  Each individual that wants to use an airband radio MUST be a current holder of an AROC.

I fly Sub2kg (Excluded RPA) do I need an AROC?

Well no, you don’t “need” an AROC.  That said, sitting our AROC course will certainly teach you a variety of valuable information with regards to how aircraft communicate, where they are likely to be, how they approach and depart airfields, and in the event that you need to talk to one, the knowledge on how to use the correct language and terminology on the radio.

What is an ELP and why do I need it?

ELP is short for English Language Proficiency.  In order to obtain an AROC in Australia, you must show that you are proficient in speaking and understanding the English language.  There are a couple of ways this can be done.  If you can provide proof of secondary education in Australia (High School Certificate, for example) then that will qualify you to show proficiency.  If not, our Chief Instructor, John, can give you an English Language Assessment and make a determination  to CASA that you are proficient enough to qualify.

How long is the AROC course?

We run our AROC training on the Wednesday afternoon within our RPAS course.  Generally we are looking at around two to three hours from start to finish.  If you have been told AROC will take you half an hour, then you are going to miss vital information.

What does the course teach me?

The AROC course consists of training in how to use an airband radio.  Everything from the correct terminology, correct language, what things mean that you will hear on the radio, how to talk to another airband radio user, runway approaches and departures, how aircraft operate around airfields, radio etiquette, rules around radio use, when to use and when not to use a radio amongst others.  We will run through mock radio calls to make sure you are completely comfortable, and have full knowledge of your responsibilities as a radio operator.

Who can apply for an AROC?

Anyone over the age of 17 years can apply for an AROC.  You must obviously sit through the course, be able to prove english language proficiency, and have an ARN.

Will FPV Australia handle the paperwork?

Yes, of course.  FPV Australia will facilitate all of the paperwork for you and submit to CASA.

Where does FPV Australia run AROC Courses

We run our AROC courses in conjunction with our RPAS courses all around the country.  The link below will take you to the list of RPAS courses that also include the AROC that you can attend, if you have a group of people that need an AROC, we may be able to come to you – OR – Simply call our office on 1300 378 287 and we can discuss all of your options with you.