RePL Type Training – <7kg

Type Training is offered as part of every RePL course we run.  Feel free to have a look on our course calendar and see if there is a course running near you that you can jump into.

FPV Australia offers this training during our course proper. It consists of 1 day of training including theory and practical flight. You will not be required to sit through the entire RPAS course, as you will already have an understanding of aviation regulations etc. However, we will spend time in the classroom to deliver you vital information with regards to the safe operation of the drone, and then we will take you outside for some practical flying, where we will put you through a practical flight demonstration where you will need to demonstrate competency on the drone.

This is a full day on our RePL course.  Please advise which course you would like to attend when booking in.


In order to attend this course you will need to have passed an aviation based theory exam. PPL or better.