The CASA Part 101 Manual of Standards 2019 is coming!

What's coming in The CASA Part 101 Manual of Standards!

As some of you may know, the Part 101 (Unmanned Aircraft and Rockets) Manual of Standards 2019 is coming on April 5 2020.  It was implemented back on April 5 2019, but a big part of it does not come into affect until this April (2020).  So this video will give you some insight into what it’s all about and who it affects, and what else may be coming.

Things like;

  • Changes to training, and how we deliver it.
  • Changes to how the course is run and how the exams are done.
  • Changes to the minimum class time you have to get on a course.
  • Changes to allow for EVLoS
  • Changes to how some of the Excluded Categories have to log flights

If you have any questions, please feel to ask any questions you may have.  We are always happy to help.

I have listed some links below that may be useful to you!

Part 101 (Unmanned Aircraft and Rockets) Manual of Standards 2019

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998



February 8, 2020

4 responses on "The CASA Part 101 Manual of Standards 2019 is coming!"

  1. HI John,
    Those of us who have had their REPL and done the course through FPV some years ago do we need to be refreshed or retrained. How does it effect us.

  2. When we did our course with another company it was a 5 day course 100 question exam and our assessor was a plane pilot and our flight assessor was another person both these where not our teacher for the 5 days

  3. No refresher is required. Anyone that has an RePL now, retains it with no changes required.

  4. Hi Charlie – Yes, there a a couple of organisations that, like ourselves, have always offered quality training. Good to hear!!!

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