So we get a lot of calls and emails asking about our RPAS certification courses, so I thought I would take some time to put some things into perspective.  One statement that needs to be said is, “not all RPAS courses are created equal!”  Why?  Because some just don’t make the mark.  For example, we run a full 5 day course that is focused completely on educating you on all things RPAS.  You will be in the hands on a fully qualified instructor, so you have face to face contact, can ask questions and engage fully with everyone in the room, whereas there are some that are offering supposed “online” study.  If you only interested in getting a tick in the box, that may be the way for you.  However, if you are truly interested in learning about RPAS vehicles and the RPAS industry, then why would you not want to be in the classroom with a fully qualified instructor.  It WILL save you money in the long run.

While we are on the topic of instructors, there is also a very big difference between a good instructor, and a great instructor.  Remember, the RPAS industry has only boomed just recently, so a lot of the instructors that are certified today have only been in the game a short time.  This is why we engaged the services of a Roger Woods, a UAV, ex military and manned helicopter instructor pilot to head up our RPAS instructors.  Roger brings over 22 years of aviation experience teaching guys how to fly Black Hawk helicopters, and still flies helicopters for an emergency service organisation right here in Australia.  Roger brings a wealth of experience to FPV Australia that money just can’t buy, and is also a fully certified RPAS pilot in his own right.

The feedback from our students has been overwhelming.  Some have gone so far as to say they wished they could come back again, just so they could spend more time picking Roger’s brain on all things aviation.

You see, some RPAS training schools will get you through the basics of RPAS training, and yes, you will get your pass mark, but we go a whole lot further than that.  As Roger himself says, “we are training pilots, not guys flying radio controlled toys”.  We take this very seriously, and we pride ourselves on being the best RPAS school not only in Australia, but other countries too.

Who wrote our course I hear you ask?  Well I am glad you did.  When we set out to create our course, we engaged the assistance of Australia’s leading aviation educator, Bob Tait. Don’t know who Bob is?  Look him up.  Bob is a veteran of Australian aviation education, and we knew we wanted the best to assist in getting our course created.  With Bob’s help, and the assistance of some of Australia’s leading educators, we developed not only a great course on paper, but a system that not only helps you learn, but is enjoyable, and will stay with you for some time.

So I guess you have to ask yourself… Do you want a pass mark, or do you want to have the best RPAS education your money can buy?  If the answer is the latter, then you have come to the right place.  We will guarantee it!

Don’t settle for an RPAS course that does not deliver the best RPAS education program in Australia.  We set the benchmark that all other RPAS schools are striving to achieve, and we are proud of that.

Have a listen to what Roger has to say below and make up your own mind.