Geez I get cranky when I see miss information spread by people whom either don’t have a clue, or worse, want to be sneaky to mislead people. So I am going to set the record straight….

If you are researching getting RPAS Certification, please don’t be mislead into thinking that you will have some sort of restriction put on you if you choose to sit an RPAS course, instead of a PPL course.

There are still organisations out there telling lies, and it annoys the crap out of me, because people pay good money based on those lies.

So here it is….

If you sit an RPAS Certificate course you ill get an RPAS certificate that will have a class rating of <7kg. HOWEVER, this is NOT, and I say again NOT a restriction. It’s purely a starting class level. If your aircraft you want to fly weighs 15kg, you can! You simply need the Manufacturer training on that machine, and you are done.

Some sites will even send you to a form on the CASA that shows you that you can only pick a <7kg from the drop down list.  Again – This is a base starting class, and is NOT a restriction.  If you have Manufacturer training (which you need anyway) on a 15kg machine, you are right to go!

So please, to all those companies out there telling people that they are restricted to less than 7kg when then come do our course, please stop spreading lies, and get the facts from CASA themselves. Don’t deceive people either on purpose or by ignorance.


Rant over. 🙂