Well Peeps… We are just days away from making a public announcement with regards to our full RPAS License Training Courses for Multicopters.
We will officially announce it most likely sometime early next week, but for those of you that expressed an interest over the previous months, we will be sending you an email in the next day or so.
For those interested and wanting information about the courses, prices and durations etc, please send an email to support@mongrelgear.com.au and we will send you some details.
These courses are for an RPAS License (Equal to a Controllers Certificate). The license itself is issued by CASA after successfully completing the course.
We are very excited, to say the least. It’s been a long haul with plenty of hard work, but we wanted to ensure we deliver a quality course that not only us, but CASA, and the industry as whole can recognise as a standard for Multicopter training.
Stay tuned – It’s about to get exciting!!!