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FPV Australia stands as a pivotal resource for aiding in the development of authoring practices and procedures approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for conducting Swarm Operations with Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA). Through its comprehensive expertise and industry knowledge, FPV Australia offers invaluable guidance to operators seeking to navigate the regulatory landscape governing swarm operations. By leveraging its deep understanding of CASA regulations and standards pertaining to RPA operations, FPV Australia can provide tailored assistance in formulating meticulous authoring practices and procedures.

With a focus on safety, compliance, and efficiency, FPV Australia collaborates closely with operators to design protocols that align with CASA requirements while maximizing operational effectiveness. This involves thorough assessments of operational needs, risk mitigation strategies, and adherence to CASA guidelines specific to swarm operations. By integrating best practices and industry insights, FPV Australia ensures that authored procedures not only meet regulatory standards but also promote safe and responsible drone operations within the context of swarm activities. With FPV Australia’s support, operators can confidently navigate the complexities of CASA approval processes, equipped with meticulously crafted practices and procedures tailored to their unique operational requirements.

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What do you get?

FPV Australia will integrate Swarming operations into your current manual set.  We will even bring your manuals up to date with current CASA requirements to meet any new regulations, and manual of standards changes.

We include all training procedures, so you can perform internal Swarm training for your staff.

You will get full mentoring from our expert staff, to ensure you have a complete understanding of what, who, where and why.

Money back guarantee that our procedures will be approved, and we will work closely with you and CASA to ensure a smooth transition to approval

Frequently Asked Questions

Swarm approval involves changes to your manuals to include the Swarm procedures, and a CASA flight test to ensure safety and compliance.

Getting the procedures into your manuals is a pretty quick and painless affair.  Getting the flight tests from CASA and the instruments written will take approx 6 weeks or so.

FPV Australia charge for the updates to your manuals and the consultancy during the entire process.  This is a flat fee of $950.  CASA will bill you separately for the flight testing and instruments etc.

Most of this process is done via email etc.  However, there will be a need for a flight test, and that can happen at your own property (if appropriate) or at a location that suits this type of operation.  If you can get to our Sydney training facility, you can complete the flight test there.  You will need your drones.

Yes you can.  CASA will issue a temporary instrument that will allow you to skill yourself up to become competent and ready to pass the flight test.  You can’t train until you have the temporary instrument.

Yes – Within reason.  The approval will allow for your Chief Remote Pilot to be able to choose the location, and assess if it is suitable for Swarm operations.  It is not restricted to one location.

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