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Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Training


Get your licence with the most trusted and experienced CASA certified drone training provider.

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1300 378 287

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Request More Info TODAY!

Requesting Further Info

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Unrivalled, Quality Drone Training

With over 14 years in the business and thousands of happy customers both nationwide & internationally, you can’t go wring with Australia’s longest running drone licence training provider.

Don’t settle for run of them ill drone training.  You will get what you pay for!  Receive professional, quality drone training from very experienced professional drone trainers.  Since 2006, we have experience with all things drones/UAVs including Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and Remote Operators (ReOC) certification.  FPV Australia Australia’s longest running and most respected drone flight schools.

Want to fly a drone commercially, but not sure what to do next?  Check out our comprehensive list of drone training courses to help you get in the air, and get the most out of your remote piloted aircraft.

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“I’ve done a lot of training over the years and this was hands down the best I’ve done. I finished feeling very confident around the UAV environment and that my money was well spent.”

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Why Choose FPV Australia for your Drone Training?

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We will not compete against you!

Unlike most other RPAS Training Schools, FPV Australia does not fly for a living.  This means FPV Australia does not compete in the market with the very students it trains!  That would be a massive conflict of interest, and would lower the integrity level down to a point that FPV Australia would not be comfortable with.  Don’t get trained by someone who will quote against your next job!

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True Quality Training

FPV Australia prides itself on quality training.  We are passionate about our student’s learning outcomes, and don’t simply want to “tick the box”.  We deliver quality training, with attention to detail.

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A Wealth of Experience

We are the longest running drone school in Australia.  We have the runs on the board, and the expertise to match it.  Our instructors are very experienced in both the drone industry and manned aircraft industry, and our Chief Instructor, John Fleming, has been in the drone industry himself since 2006, and holds numerous qualifications including a manned aircraft licence, and a Diploma in Training and Design

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