Area Approvals & Applications

Area Approvals

Need to fly a drone somewhere tricky? We can help!

FPV Australia has been assisting ReOC holders with gaining approvals to fly in Restricted Airspace and closer than 3NM to controlled airports for nearly a decade.

What is Involved?

When it comes to obtaining approvals from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for drone operations within specific areas, such as restricted airspace or controlled zones, FPV Australia can play a crucial role in facilitating the process.

FPV Australia can provide comprehensive knowledge of CASA regulations pertaining to airspace restrictions and controlled zones. This includes understanding the different classes of airspace, restricted areas, and the procedures for obtaining approvals to operate within them.

We even guarantee it.

What do you get?

FPV Australia can conduct thorough risk assessments for the proposed drone operations within the designated area. This involves identifying potential hazards, assessing associated risks, and developing mitigation strategies to ensure safe operation.

We can assist in developing detailed operational plans tailored to the specific requirements of the designated area. This includes defining flight paths, altitude restrictions, communication protocols, emergency procedures, and contingency plans.

FPV Australia can help prepare and organize all necessary documentation required for CASA area approvals. This includes completing application forms, providing safety assessments, operational procedures, and any other relevant information requested.

Money back guarantee that our procedures will be approved, and we will work closely with you and CASA to ensure a smooth transition to approval

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of approval requested varies depending on where, what, and when you want to fly.

FPV Australia can guide you on the best way to secure an approval depending on your operational requirements.

If changes need to be made to your manual of operations, we will handle this transition for you as part of the service.

For CASA approvals there is a minimum submission deadline of 3 weeks prior to the operation.

For military airspace this is reduced to 10 days prior notice.

FPV Australia charge for the updates to your manuals and the consultancy during the entire process.  This is a flat fee of $950.

CASA will invoice you separately for each application (approximately $800).

For approval to fly in military airspace there is normally no charge.

Most of this process is done via email etc.

There is no practical flight test requirements of meeting required for this type of approval.

There is no specific training for this type of approval.

However, all operators should ensure they are sufficiently competent and certified to operate a drone within airspace that may pose a significant increase in risk to the safety of all airspace users.

No. Current rules require a separate approval for each operation with restricted airspace.

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