If you require assistance in preparing your OC application and paperwork for CASA, we are now able to help you with this.
Mongrel Gear is now offering a complete advisory and documentation support service to clients requiring assistance with applications and paperwork for CASA UAV Operator’s Certificate.
Mongrel Gear is now associated with one of Australia’s leading UAV operators and a CASA-certified UAV Chief Controller with UAV Operational Certification (see background below) – whom is now overseeing this advisory service exclusively on behalf of Mongrel Gear.
Anthony will save you a great deal of time and money, and will assist you in making sure your OC paperwork is formatted correctly, and includes all the necessary information the application will require.
Anthony will also liaise with you constantly to ensure you understand the OC process, and guide you through every step so there are no nasty surprises.    This will include assisting you to be ready for your practical flight exams and CASA interviews etc.This means that Mongrel Gear can now offer its  clients a proven Operations Manual template –  incorporating our clients’ relevant personal/ operational/ technical information and appropriate artwork – in an electronic format together with Controlled Documentation process that is known to meet CASA’s requirements. The drafting process will include Anthony’s preliminary interview of the client/applicant, with ongoing consultations throughout the process. It will also include, where appropriate, consultations with CASA on a client’s behalf. And upon completion of Operations Manual, Anthony will brief Mongrel Gear’s applicant clients on their ongoing responsibilities, from CASA’s perspective, regarding all aspects of the Operations Manual.
Further to this support UAV OC applications/documentation service, we can also offer additional related services:
i ] Consultations, tuition and practice testing prior to an applicant undertaking CASA Chief Controller oral examination, which is mandatory prior to CASA granting OC
ii ] Consultations, tuition and practical testing prior to an applicant undertaking CASA Chief Controller practical flight test, which is also mandatory prior to CASA granting OC.
Total price for this service is $2500 inc GST
Some Background on Anthony
Anthony was invited to sit with CASA and Air Services Australia on the recent House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs’ Roundtable on Drones and Privacy. The Roundtable will shortly be reporting on its investigations into airspace regulation, practical UAV applications and privacy implications associated with the increasing civilian use of aerial drones in Australia.
A micro-electronics audit detailing the safety shortcomings of a premium brand UAV, conducted by a company of which Anthony is co-director, was endorsed by CASA for distribution to other operators “in the interests of general safety”.  At the request of the Parliamentary Standing Committee’s Chairman, the audit outcomes are also to be included in the forthcoming Roundtable Report on Drones and Privacy.
The same company of which Anthony is co-director is in the advanced stages of development of one of the most advanced UAV multi-rotor simulators yet developed, drawing on the company’s proprietary physics engine and 3D engine technologies. Together with one of Australia’s prominent industrial entities, it is in the final stages of trials of an industrial-standard UAV system for aerial video due diligence inspection of industrial assets, free of EMF and RF interference issues.
And, together with another of the nation’s prominent industrial operators, the company is developing a fixed-wing, long-range surveillance UAV with VTOL launch and recovery capabilities.
We are proud to be associated with Anthony, as his experience in this industry is a valued asset to Mongrel Gear.
If you would like to take advantage of this service,  please contact us with your enquiries.