FPV Australia Partners with XAG Australia


FPV Australia are proud to announce a training partnership with XAG Australia. This partnership will see FPV Australia delivering manufacturer training on the full range of XAG drones and associated hardware, right across Australia.

FPV Australia’s CEO John Fleming announced the partnership in mid October and said ” FPV Australia and XAG have been industry colleagues for some time now, and we are very proud to be able to offer XAG customers the same quality training on XAG products, as you get when you come to FPV Australia”

“We have been developing XAG related training material, to ensure the end user gets exactly what they need to be able to take their new machines out into the field, with the confidence of knowing what they are doing.” John said.

John went on to say, FPV Australia will be offering quality training on all XAG gear right across Australia. CASA Type Certification is also offered, so an end user can come and get the training they need on their aircraft, and also gain the required CASA certifications, all in the one go. We have instructors stationed all up and down the east coast including QLD, NSW, VIC and SA, and you will see a roll out of more locations shortly. We really are excited about the future.”

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