Update to EVLOS Requirements

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CASA have released a new instrument allowing for an easier pathway to commercial FPV Operations, and EVLoS operations.

Read on to discover how it has just become much easier to perform certain EVLoS operations.

So what’s new?

Up until recently the only way a license remote pilot could fly FPV, was to obtain an IREX (Instrument Rating) as FPV flying is considered an EVLoS operation.  However, on 29 April 2021, CASA released the instrument CASA EX46/21 — Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight Instrument 2021 which has some significant changes to the requirements to perform certain EVLoS operations.  The main one being the removal of the IREX requirement for Class 1 EVLoS Operations.

CLass 1 EVLoS is where a trained observer is at the same location as the remote pilot, with the ability to feed information on the Drone’s whereabouts, airspace and ground object proximity, while the remote pilot no longer has a requirement to keep the drone within visual line of sight.  The best example of this is flying FPV.  Under the new exemption the need for an IREX has been removed, allowing for an easier pathway to these types of operations.

It also allows the drone to be flown a little bit further than the pilots visual capabilities, as it allows for a trained observer to make use of devices such as binoculars, in order to assist the pilot during the operation.

It must be noted that the requirement to have procedures approved by CASA still remains. There is also a requirement for specialised induction training.  This will attract a cost from CASA to process these manual changes.

Our Chief Instructor John goes into further explanation in the video below.

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