Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) Wiki

RPAS background

What are RPAS? The term RPAS refers to remotely piloted aircraft systems, but these aircraft are also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The term unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) includes not only the aircraft, but all the ground support equipment and personnel. The term drone can be seen in news stories about military operations in […]

RPAS history timeline

Pre World War 1 In 1849, Austria uses balloons to bomb Venice. Camera-equipped kites and balloons used for aerial photography and military reconnaissance. World War 1 Experimental development of ‘aerial torpedoes’. 1930s Radio controlled target drones enter military service. World War 2 Radio controlled and preprogrammed flying bombs used in military action. 1960s Cold War […]

Model aircraft and RPAS

Difference between RPAs and model aircraft People have been flying model aircraft for many years. How are these different from the remotely piloted ‘drones’ we hear so much about? From CASA’s perspective, the difference between RPA and model aircraft is that RPA are used for commercial, government or research purposes and model aircraft are flown […]

CASA and remotely piloted aircraft

Regulations Australia was the first  country in the world to regulate remotely piloted aircraft, with the the first operational regulation for unmanned aircraft in 2002. (Civil Aviation Safety Regulation [CASR] Part 101 is this regulation.) CASA is reviewing CASR Part 101, and will modernise it into CASR Part 102. Phase 1 will involve amendments to CASR […]

How to become a safe RPAS operator

Applying for an operator’s certificate If you fly an unmanned aircraft, you are part of the aviation industry and have a number of responsibilities and regulatory requirements. To apply for your UAV Operators Certificate (UOC), you have to develop the following manuals: Operations manual, including a risk assessment Flight manual Maintenance manual You also have […]

RPAS Resources and links

RPA associations Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International ( Australian Association for Unmanned Systems ( Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc. ( Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation ( Model aircraft associations Model Aeronautical Association of Australia ( Further reading about RPA Key note address CASA Director of Aviation Safety February 2013: ‘Development of UAS in […]

CASA Contact Information

For all RPA operational enquiries, you can contact the RPAS staff by: calling 1800 687 342 emailing or completing the online form For any general media enquiries, please contact Peter Gibson, CASA media on 0419 296 446, or