RPAS Resources and links

RPAS Resources and links

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Flight Safety Australia magazine articles

Articles below all available at the Flight Safety Australia archive (www.casa.gov.au/fsa)

  • Flight Safety Australia Sept-Oct 2011 ‘Professionalism in train’- training unmanned aircraft pilots.
  • Flight Safety Australia Nov-Dec 2010 ‘Poised for take-off’ – the unmanned sector is maturing rapidly.
  • Flight Safety Australia May-June 2010 ‘Manning UAS’ – the UAV sector is concluding pilot training is essential.
  • Flight Safety Australia May-June 2009 ‘UAS – the story continues …’  Part 2 of developments in unmanned aerial systems.
  • Flight Safety Australia Mar-Apr 2009 ‘To boldly go where no man can’. New developments in unmanned aerial systems.

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