RPAS history timeline

RPAS history timeline

Pre World War 1

  • In 1849, Austria uses balloons to bomb Venice.
  • Camera-equipped kites and balloons used for aerial photography and military reconnaissance.

World War 1

  • Experimental development of ‘aerial torpedoes’.


  • Radio controlled target drones enter military service.

World War 2

  • Radio controlled and preprogrammed flying bombs used in military action.


  • Cold War – UAVs used for reconnaissance.
  • Vietnam War – UAV reconnaissance, electronic information gathering and leaflet dropping.


  • Significant development and refinement of UAV technology and operational systems.


  • Military UAVs used around the world, especially Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Increasing civil use of UAV: research, aerial photography, crop and powerline inspections and atmospheric testing.
  • Endurance UAVs used for border patrol.
  • Experimental development of micro UAVs (less than 100g).
  • UAVs used as weapon platforms.
  • Development of UAVs with operational autonomy.

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