Are you a Chief Remote Pilot?

This course is for an existing Chief Remote Pilot (CRP) to understand they obligations and responsibilities when operating under a Remote Operators Certificate.

Do you have a complete understanding of the new Part 101 Manual of Standards?

On April 10 2020, the new Part 101 Manual of Standards for Unmanned Aircraft and Rockets became active.  This new Manual of Standards, better know as the MoS, has a whole bunch of new rules, requirements and responsibilities that all CRPs should be aware of.  This course will take you through what is required by CASA for all ReOC holders in order to remain compliant with the regulations.

This course is run over 1 day in our Virtual Classroom, and will supply you with all the necessary education and information when it comes to the roles and responsibilities of a Chief Remote Pilot.


AVCRM Training Included.

Any new and existing CRPs that are running the AVCRM, and enrol in this course, will be given access to our AVCRM training sessions for free, where you will receive training on AVCRM, and it’s uses in keeping you compliant.  Yes, AVCRM will do everything required to keep a Remote Operator’s Certificate compliant with CASA, including pilot’s Logs, Maintenance Logs, Job Safety Assessments, Inductions, and a whole bunch of other good stuff, that all falls in line with the new Part 101 MoS.