How to become a safe RPAS operator

How to become a safe RPAS operator

Applying for an operator’s certificate

If you fly an unmanned aircraft, you are part of the aviation industry and have a number of responsibilities and regulatory requirements.

To apply for your UAV Operators Certificate (UOC), you have to develop the following manuals:

  1. Operations manual, including a risk assessment
  2. Flight manual
  3. Maintenance manual

You also have to fill out CASA Form 041.

With the new process that CASA just announced, we are getting down to around 4 weeks to process.

Guidance material

You can find all of the information that you need right on the CASA website at the following location.

Area approval

If you want to operate an RPA outside of the ‘default area’ (defined as below 400 feet AGL, outside controlled airspace, greater than 3nm from an aerodrome and not over populous areas), you have to get an area approval.

You can find more detail on area approvals in Advisory Circular AC101-1: paragraph 12.2.1

Two important points:

  • You must establish a safety case to support your submission. For this you need to give CASA a comprehensive risk assessment as part of your submission.
  • You need to allow enough time for CASA and Airservices Australia to   process your request.

Go to the CASA area approvals page.

Airservices Australia is involved in the area approvals process and needs to know   specific details of any operation seeking approval. For more information go to Airservices Australia area approvals requirements.


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