crashed1As with any industry making sure you have adequate insurance can be the difference between surviving an incident, or losing everything.  If you are a licensed operator, there is no legal requirement to have insurance.  That said, you would be crazy not to.  If your drone was to injure someone, you would be liable, and the ramifications would be enormous.  Public Liability Insurance is a must, but you can also insure your airframe in case of a crash etc.




Having been in this industry since 2007, we have seen insurance companies claim to offer insurance, but once you read the fine print, they actually don’t.  It’s why we sought out the advice of someone whom is already in the aviation industry, so we know we are dealing with the right organisation.

We have teamed up with Austbrokers ABS Aviation Pty Ltd whom not only provides FPV Australia with it’s insurance, but has also assisted with the insurance needs of many of our students.

You now no longer need to run around madly looking for the right insurance for your drone operation. FPV Australia will assist you in getting your insurance in place, so that you can operate with peace of mind.  We will take all of the leg work out of it for you, making getting insured easy.

Who is Austbrokers ABS Aviation?

Austbrokers ABS Aviation are specialists in aviation insurance and are experienced in obtaining the broadest coverage available at the most competitive price.  They have the capability to handle all classes of aviation insurance and their expertise covers the full spectrum, from general aviation to commercial airlines, through to UAV hull and public liability insurance They look to completely understand your business in order that they can tailor risk solutions to your specific needs and requirements.

Note – At the time if writing Austbrokers ABS Aviation only offers insurance to ReOC holders.  However we would still recommend you enquire as this may change without notice.

What’s in it for FPV Australia?

FPV Australia does not gain in any way financially should you choose to have us help you get setup, and we certainly don’t charge you anything either.  We are offering this service as a way of not only helping our students get insured, but anyone else in the industry that needs to be covered also, so should the unthinkable happen, then you are covered.

If you need drone insurance, then please feel free to contact us today, and we will get the ball rolling for you.  Don’t run around chasing your tail.  Let us take the stress out of it all for you.

See what one of our customers thinks;

“When we wanted insurance for our OC we were actually given some false information with regards to insurances, so it was a relief to deal with Patrica and get our insurances in order. Highly recommended. ” – Dean, Skycam Media


FPV Australia is not affiliated in any way with Austbrokers ABS Aviation Pty Ltd.  All applicants will deal directly with Austbrokers ABS Aviation Pty Ltd, and FPV Australia is purely acting as a facilitator of information.