inspiresmall1Once you have obtained your RPAS Certification (Remote Pilot’s Certificate) you or your company will need to obtain an Operator’s Certificate (UOC).  Think of it like this… You are the pilot, and you have certification from CASA to fly, but now you or your company will need certification  to “operate” aircraft.  Sort of like an airline.  You have the pilot whom is certified, then you have QANTAS, whom holds certification to operate aircraft.


Below are some questions that will help get a better understanding of the process etc.

What is an Operator's Certificate (UOC) ?

An Operator’s Certificate (UOC) is certification that is handed out by CASA to individuals or organisations that wish to operate one or more RPA vehicles.  Without this, you are not legally allowed to operate an RPA vehicle of any nature for anything other than hobby or sport.

It involves a bunch of paperwork to show CASA how you will operate your aircraft safely and legally, and what you will be doing.  There is no training course for this, so don’t be fooled into sitting down with someone to show you how to do it.  Rather, get someone like us who has the experience in what CASA are looking for in correctly formatted documentation.  We have submitted a large number of UOC applications, and we know what we are doing.  We work closely with CASA to ensure the documents are correct and valid.

How do I get a UOC?

There are a couple of ways this can be done.  You can either prepare the documentation yourself, or you can have someone like us produce them all for you.

Important –  Properly prepared UOC Manuals are critical to getting your UOC approved and processed in a timely manner.  Poor documentation may result in further delays, and possibly greater costs.  Do it right the first time.

CASA have released a new base Template to use, which is not that hard to fill in, but they will also require an Operations Library that they don’t supply.  We can help you here.  :)

What exactly is in these UOC manuals?

Your UOC documents details exactly what aircraft you will operate and how.  They will also includes data about how you will manage the risks associated with operating RPA vehicles, including all the procedures that you will be required to follow when you fly.

All of the aircraft will be detailed in your manuals, along with the procedures in how you will operate them.

Important – Getting all of the aircraft you wish to fly included in your documents at the time of submission is critical.  If you choose to add an aircraft later, it will cost you more to submit a variation.

Can FPV Australia produce my UOC Manuals?

Yes we can!

We will, in consultation with you, produce your manuals to the CASA standards to ensure your UOC application is successful.  We will include ALL of the aircraft that you wish to fly, and everything else required by CASA to ensure you will operate safely.

Important – It doesn’t end there.  We become your personal consultants right the way through the process.  We will be at the end of the phone when you need us, right up and through to when CASA come out to do your UOC assessment.  We become your “go-to” for help right through the process.

How long will it take to produce my manuals?

If you UOC is a pretty standard one (meaning off the shelf aircraft) then it can all happen pretty quickly.  CASA is now only requiring their new template be filled out and submitted, along with your Operational Library (also called the Tech Library) and then they will allow you to develop your operational library (Flight and Maintenance Manual) over the following 12 months from approval.   Call us to discuss how this process works.

Do I need to know the content of my manuals?

YES!!  This is critical.  Don’t just have someone create your manuals for you and then vanish.  We make sure we are here to answer any and all questions with regards to the content of your UOC manuals.  This is vital!  You must know and understand the contents of your UOC manuals, as you will need to operate within their framework when flying.  Failing to do so could result in your UOC being cancelled.  The Chief Pilot of your organisation will need to have a complete understanding of the contents of your UOC.  CASA will expect this.

Important – Knowing the framework in which you must operate under your UOC is critical for insurance purposes.  Your insurance may be deemed invalid if you operate outside of the framework of your UOC.

What does it cost?

Here at FPV Australia we believe in a fixed price solution for your UOC manuals, and then ongoing consultation.

This service was once billed out at $1990>  However, as CASA have released their new template, the process is so much simpler, that you can do it yourself. If you would like us to prepare it for you, give us a call, or drop us an email to discuss.  Don’t pay thousands for your manuals – YOU NO LONGER NEED TO!  We now have this service down to $550 inc GST, and we will still be your “Go To” when you need assistance right up until when they grant your UOC.

What happens after I submit my manuals?

Once you submit your manuals, CASA will be in contact with an estimate on your costs. Once you pay this amount (approx. $1500 at the time of writing for a pretty standard UOC) one of two things will happen.

If you have come through FPV Australia on a Certified RPAS Course, CASA have advised that you will NOT require a flight test.  All will be done via phone or Skype, and the process should all be completed within about 4 weeks.

If you have passed PPL to get your Controller’s Certificate, CASA have advised that you would most likely have to have a CASA flight test conducted – this may delay things a fair bit, depending where you are.

How do we get started?

Easy!  Give us a call on 02 6112 8551 and we can have a chat, and get the ball rolling.  We don’t just want to be on the end of an email.  Call us.  We can discuss your needs, and get you started on the road to operating your RPA vehicles safely.