We can offer you Manufacturer Type Training on a range of aircraft both <7kg and <20kg including;

  • The entire range of DJI Phantom, Inspire, S800, S900 and S1000 M100, M200 and M600 copters.
  • The TBS Discovery range of copters, and fixed wing aircraft.
  • Mikrokopter  Aircraft.

Manu Training is offered as part of every Basic RPAS course we run, and usually takes place on a Wednesday or Thursday for 1 day.  Feel free to have a look on our course calendar and see if there is a course running near you that you can jump into.


Did you know all you need to do in order to obtain your Remote Pilot Certificate to fly a drone is come and do our Manufacturer Type Training, log 5 hours of flight time, and you are done!  Yep… It’s that easy!

We provide everything you need for this course, so get in touch with us ASAP to get your Remote Pilot Certificate.

What does it cost for the day?  $550 including GST will get you everything you need.

Contact us now, and we can slot you into a course to get you certified.