RPAS Certification (RePL) – Perth – NOVEMBER 13th 2017

November 13, 2017
5 days


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WA Courses

This RPAS Licence Course is a 5 day course and is held in Perth, WA.  The course will consist of both theory and practical study and you will be required to pass an exam on the theory, and you will also be required to pass a competency test on flying a multicopter. This test is not what we call difficult, and even someone with limited skills should be able to pass this.

Once successfully completed, FPV Australia will submit to CASA on behalf of the student for the issue of an Remote Pilot’s License Restricted 25kg Class (sub 7kg).

All training material will be provided, along with all the training aircraft.

We will break at lunch where we will escape the classroom for a full gourmet meal (provided every day – and not simply sandwiches) and coffee and tea facilities are available all day.

The course covers such topics as;

  • Meteorology
  • Aviation Language
  • Threat and Error Management
  • Risk Management Principles
  • Map Reading & Direction
  • Air Legislation, Meteorology
  • Principles of Flight and practical sessions on an aircraft itself
  • Lipo batteries
  • Ground Station and Telemetry equipment
  • Pre and post flight checklists
  • Ground crew operations and relevant procedures
  • Business practices
  • Insurance, etc.
  • Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)
  • FULL set of ReOC Manuals and Libraries supplied – Customised to your needs.
  • Night Operations
  • 15m reduction procedures

Our training system now includes the Night Operations procedures, and 15m reduction procedures, so students will be ready and able to take advantage of these new permissions.

We will provide each student with a Student Information Pack upon enrolment with details on accommodation and address etc. All course fees are non refundable. If you are unable to attend, a reschedule is available.

We will also take you through and advise you on what the steps are to move on to obtain your ReOC, and associated costs etc.

FPV Australia will provide you with completed ReOC Manuals and Operations Libraries – all inclusive of the enrolment price.  We offer a full consultancy service to every student at no extra cost.  We care about our students future adventures, and are here to help you through the maze.

You can also take up our Train Now and Pay Later scheme – ask us how!

NOTE: – FPV Australia’s training courses do not attract GST.


  • Why would I need a drone permit if I am a licensed ultralight pilot

    Jim Reply
    • Hi Jim. You will need it because none of the pilot levels approve you to fly drones commercially without a conversion. So RPL, PPL, ATPL etc all need conversion to fly drones. It’s not the full course, but you will need to be tested by a CASA school.

      John Fleming Reply

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